On the Home Slope

by Debris of Titan

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2nd E.P from Debris of Titan (D.O.T) leading into what's going to be the 1st album


released October 20, 2015


all rights reserved



Debris of Titan New York, New York

Psychedelic Dream rock/pop/folk duo from Newburgh NY

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Track Name: What's in my Cocoon
What have I got to do, the day blue my mind grey,
Melancholy thoughts they don't away,
couple notes written on the page

Looking at where i left off yesterday,
but there ain't much maybe cause i suck
maybe cause the brains too...OHHHHH

only so much i can do
what's in my cocoon
Track Name: Anime
The thought never really goes away,
making a life someday with some special babe i favor,
i hope she'll give me her love,
just imagine living in a world based on your self and your dreams

so will you be my anime love?
will you be my anime babe (love)
will you be my anime love?
will you be my anime babe (love)

I set the place of storms and fires,
the detrimental aches of love inspired,
the story of a boy who has to save the girl,
but then they conquer the world.

the stress of fate can't come to bother
for her sake now, do you love her?

I'll save you babe, whatever may come,
just hold my heart, and keep it safe hun.
I loathe any lonely days to come,
dreaming ain't fun

Wake up theirs someone at the door,
probably life or that girl from before,
i might never so (ooooo)

So will you be my anime love?
will you be my anime babe (love)
Will you be my anime love?
will you be my anime babe (love)

I'll save you babe,whatever may come
just hold my heart, and keep it safe hun
i'll loathe any lonely days to come
dreaming aint fun

Live live live live, life life life life, true (live life true)
Track Name: Where'd it all go
Where'd it all go? where did it go?
through time i know, time i know but
Where'd it all go? Where did it all go?
Times overflown, overflown
I don't even know

In all these words i say, theirs this absence i can't portray,
in a sense its subliminal, through it all could be minimal

oh this feeling in my bed looking up at the ceiling (oh uh oh)
Then it all ends, (all ends)
should've cherished the time spent (oh uh oh uh oh)

I'll turn backwards to show,
Im inquisitive enough to know my history isn't stone

technically its my own unknown
its lost in the heat of the sun

Where'd it all go? Where did it go
through time i know, time i know but
where'd it all go, where did it all go
times overflown, over flown
I don't even know

When i was younger, everything was much easier
No love, just a crush cause i was to busy having fun

I'll go outside cause my life had me oh so high
running with a smile, it will be awhile..
before you catch up to me,
im losing my breath can't look back and see
but then i will fall (i'll fall)
stain my overalls and here my father call (yea)

oh he said to come back home, (im away)
don't go off alone (im away)
but im here already for quite a many years (im away)

but pretty soon i'll be out of this bedroom,
let it go (ooooooooo)
this path i take is with my brothers to shake this world we make

its any day where i can go face to face with my faith, the essence of my fate vanishes, and its gone today
Track Name: In Nova's Bedroom
God won't save us from ourselves.
My world can't change how i feel

Ride on, Ride on, Ride on
I see the future dissolve in front of me, if i don't get my shit straight by then

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