ASTRON: The Fallen

by Debris Of Titan

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DJ 3-INCH TOAST One of the most heartfelt, conceptual, beautiful albums I've listened to in a long time. A true inspiration. Thank you. Favorite track: DEPART: Astra.
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Welcome to Chapter 1 of a 6 chapter series…


These are the named. They are Demi-God like beings who were created by the death of an almighty GOD. 

In the beginning they established a set of rules titled “The Rule Of Titan” in order to create an equal progression of power within the world in which they existed.

Becoming greater and figuring out the mechanical structure of what makes them exist,
What boundaries could they breach in order to find purpose?

To discover the meaning and depth of the reality that they perceive through their senses.

A concept that fueled their prowess and distanced their relationships.

The more they looked the deeper it got and one answer turned to many which drove them all to seperate.

When they separated so did their worshipers which consisted of many different forms of life.

ASTRON started to receive titles such as “The Fallen” or “The Demon” due to his obsessions and practices
He is the only one known to break rules within “The Rule Of Titan”

By doing so, he is deemed unworthy, unstable and is considered “Fallen” by others. 
ASTRON: The Fallen

The album takes place with the birth of Astra.
Astron’s first creation.
The birth of Astra alarms the rest of the named.
Astron’s methods are undoubtedly controversial, but it’s his reasoning that causes strife between the remaining 5.  
They sense nothing but Danger from Astra.
Creating life defines your presence in this realm , it marks your perpetual existence.
ASTRON has been considered a threat to the meaning and existence of the entire 6.

Marking Astra as an immediate hazard. 

An unknown boy with an immense amount of pressure to find his purpose. 

No knowledge of his past
Different voices in his head
Conversing, Arguing, Leading, Warning

An omniscient philosophy paving the path for this young boy, 
Love for the loveless,
For mercy to thyself is acceptance 

Acceptance of the truth,
The truth behind Astra.

Upon Astra’s awakening, Two psychonauts encounter him and decide to assist and befriend the boy.
Nova and Fox unknowingly get intermingled in the affairs and drama of these demi-gods for the fate of Astra fell upon their hands.

And so the Journey Began


released August 3, 2017

Fox: Bass, vox, keys, rhythm guitar
Nova: Rhythm/lead guitar, vox, keys, drums, bass
Crow: Drums


all rights reserved



Debris of Titan New York, New York

Psychedelic Dream rock/pop/folk duo from Newburgh NY

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Track Name: ENTER: Astra
Deity Rambling...

I can hear you, I can hear you

Im trying to get up..

Enter Astra
Enter Astra
Enter Astra
Track Name: Bridge To The Meadows
Bridge To The Meadows
This is not my world (This is not my world)
I’m waking up blind.
There is this absence in my frame changed and arranged
I can only remember one name. Liah, Nova, Astra, Nova

Need a place to sail all the way back home they said that’s nowhere to go
It’s here they said, Its here they said? Where do I go?
Through the mountain to your fate
Only there you’ll get your questions answered but knows it’s in the meadows.

It may seem way over your head
The likeness of you making it through seems rather scarce
When you wake from the night screaming for some love and care, now hurry there

Oh it comes back to me, a piece of memory
What do you see? A small ship to come help me
Im stranded on this island upon the clouds. The sky is down.

I’m aboard (I’m aboard) Oh I’m aboard
Won’t you shake my hand, and be my friend?
Track Name: Waves Of Oblivion
Lye Right beneath the water, its the only place that I could call home.
Don’t you start looking down, hours then turn into days
Hear all these voices defy, thats when I lost my place

And then she came upstairs and wrapped me in her hair.
She whispered in my ear, “You’re the reason I’m here.”
Love, starts all over again
Waves crash us to the land but my captain trusts the gods up above.
Sail through the sky and I washed out my eyes, so ill try to pray to my own mind

The storm is over
Wake from the ashes we fight, with powers they blew us away.
Our ship seems too damaged to fly, trapped in this fluorescent place
Track Name: Ride On
On shore we wrote, absence raptures. Nostalgia enters.
Patience before we die here
I lost my existence
we cross onward to the start outer world
inside our vision we lost our sanity

my shrine has been colder then nights winter dreams
lost in our divinity so its harder and harder each time we try

Oh Yea
Ooo baby bae,
faster shout
you know now as it drowns

in your garden i see love forgotten
your’e beautiful
now did she oh ever even love me
thought i knew her
I won’t save my soul for your company

Oh No
you’ve gone away to a different place
Ride on
Track Name: The Fallen
I was looking down over the world after dark
Then i shut my eyes and drifted off to another place
saw this coming round, took my feet off the ground.
Soared happily above town

Until i crashed down, They
asked “are you alright?”
wake to see no one in sight
provoked by the ones who started this fight
it was myself and i

we’re falling down
you’re falling down
they’re falling down
I’m falling down

oh am i alright?
the sun set shines oh so bright
I make it seem i only like the night
but trust me id much rather the light

need a place where i can stay and grow my hair real long
and a beard to show my self absorbed wisdom

Oh i stained my clothes
from the blood dripping rom my nose
i ran and fell and really scraped my knee
oh from the darkness i couldn’t see

oh these butterflies they don’t know what happening (It’s all the same every single game we play when the consoles broken)
To think i thought that we could
oh no no no

are we alright?
black and blue but we’ll be just fine
oh star cluster
don’t you stop the fun
but could i be the only one?

I know that I’m not fallen anymore
That I’m not falling falling x2

oh, oh my god
i feel the hurt beneath the scars
maybe somedays in my heart there’s order
just enough to move the day through
Track Name: Come My Way
Baby come my way oh
We’ve gone too far (we’ve gone too far) our separate ways
come back darling here today just come back come my way

I reminisce my soul with you off the precipice
oh darling where have you gone I’ve missed you for far too long

follow the roads to the gates of the meadows, apples in the trees they shine over me.
Cries from the ocean breeze a shiver down my spine

when I was young I used to wonder
But now it’s all a bit older
The time I sit and watch the trees?
they’d scream and pout their madness into me

Baby come my way, oh
we’ve gone too far (we’ve gone too far) our separate ways (our separate ways)
come back darling here today just come back, come back darling today

come my way Now
I buried your memory in the ground, I miss the flow of it
So I say come to this

I won’t waste my time anymore
that don’t mean the feeling is gone
i know you won’t come back this way

Shh, listen, there’s someone outside
we’ve gotta go (we need to leave now)
(i will need to leave my home again)
before you leave say goodbye
Ill pack my things and be on my way

well, goodbye
Track Name: Nightwalker
when lost inside the heart of creation
you tend to think twice before your sudden annihilation
it was simpler the other day before you came
atleast my souls a little bit clever for we are of the same
look a little deeper in some and see their not what they say
trapped into a corner they crack and spill until their minds are all but decay

I’ve become a little more bitter, comes with time.
but lets move on for this space is not divine.
I’m somber and aching to tell you that I have you

tear drops fall on down for I have my soul wanting me in the ground
When all my friends are lost outside
you’d figure I’d have one inside

I forgot where to go from here
afraid to drop for ill never stop

Am I clear to go? Are you gonna block and show what you have in store for me?
You’ve come all this way so lets see (x2)
Track Name: RUN: Astra
You led him to the Mountain (DANGER)
you must leave here.. Its to dangerous for him!
You need to Run, (RUN)

We are his friends we've come along way to save him from himself
I'll ask why, i have no hate, for no one you love (leave him alone)

Faster you gotta go
What do we do when were gone (Where do we go?)

Secrets Secrets Secrets BANG!!

For i have learned, Shes not real, my hearst illusion
Am i real? My illusion,

Run, You gotta run from the Mountain!
Gotta Run from them figuring it all out!

Run Astra..
Track Name: Wonderland
Wonderland, does it exist?
In this big picture are we all just kids?
In this world are we allowed to wonder?
Or do we walk under gods thunder?
oh do you really wanna see our lives through the clouds (wonderland)
Oh i hope so, cause that’s the wonder

Underneath this tree of dreams lies the roots that hold it steady
As I formally place a seat
Heat sparks the weed within me.
I’ll fly away, yeah

Im flowing through my wonder
Im going fast until the point my paint drips from the frame
I knew whats true

I guess that’s my problem as it dawns. I’m waking up early

Rapidly changing pace
In moments thoughts just slip by
Are there stairs over water to a train leaving autumn?
I wonder

It’s a poison, a darkness that you can see now, raptured from my dreams now
Im insane, I feel deranged like a monster hungry for brains.
when we’re at those those gates I hope i can have a piece of land
own a house that I could man for all i consider family and all I have
Look its right over there, right over there just up these stairs is wonderland.
Track Name: Moonlight Shadow
This world is changing (changing now)
Oh it seems like your fading. Will you be there? I hope and swear on it.
Why do I care? Im a bear i care way too much I erupt raged with no hesitation.
The apathy honestly.

Everywhere (everywhere) nature stares at me.
I think I know what, what you’re looking at
The fuck you looking at?
they don’t think so, the madness in my bones are aching and turning my heart to stone

will we we ever get out, will i ever get out, do i want to get out?
I’ll turn to my moonlight shadow.

Ride On, Ride On, Ride on,
Track Name: The Lost and Damned
A fractured perception excluding variety only
intuition impervious to clarity
how i yearn to see that extra angle
while you’re sphere is left in shambles (lost and damned)
see stairs up to the heavenly aisle
soar from tree to tree blindly with the perpetual necessity of wanting to learn more and more while squandering time to the door
Take a step on the grass, past the lilacs that laugh
past the silence that saps the life from you and i cause we were born to fly
forged on land in the sky
the fragrance of sage stings the eye
another world inside
the rush blood, the linen in my clothes become frayed and rough
along with the brains of all of us
and we have been betrayed, lies

I observed a mad god disturbed and irked
haunted by astral beings far and far away
as his madness latches to my bones
no reason to set wild imagination roam
I have this girl she’s great, for her and with her i wish to estimate the love of my and my friends and their lovers
must be aboard the path or be left behind
to be taken from this world and lost in time
only to no longer be a part of the daily grind
The road will take its toll on those who will choose to stay or to go instead
the thought of letting go that aches my soul in bed
I reconcile to an apostle reinvisioned in my style
with long hair and shell that reflects my internal hell

The moon it glows and its falling down
And i think that it’s all over, but it’s not
it never ends
Everyone asks why i’m on this ride
pathfinder highways driving by time
and it’s a long way to go
i’ll there in no time at all
open your door now
until I’m inside

it’s just another shady day, it’s okay now
I don’t care, anymore
It’s all over
all over

all over (all over)
its all over (its all over)
its all over (its all over)
yet its not, yet its not

lalalala x4

i tend to think about myself,
cause i get lost in myself
cause i love you and you love me and your a dream too,
im lost, im lost, im lost

I’m Lost


surfacing our love to hold in our hands
as time withers away what we thought could last.
Track Name: DEPART: Astra
This is the end for you my friend
Please don’t leave me in this hour
its hard to believe it even for myself
what about the mountain inside my chest?
no more sins to pledge for the monster
no more hate (no more pain no more hate)

I never made it to the nighttime
I never thought that I would see the insight of my ending
never reached what i thought i had

looks like i was the mad man in the end
He was a mad man (he was a mad man)

Im more relieved
to hinder the frightened fish swimming upstream
oh I’ve heard it’s to make a wish
like wishing for more wishes
i want to believe

I feel
My heart, her face, everything is fake


I want to be…

Free, i want to be free, i want to be free
I have fallen, i have fallen,
I AM FREE, i had a dream that i was alive
i had a dream that i died alone.

Such a long time, Such a long time


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