The Lost and Damned

from by Debris Of Titan

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Lost... Damned...

Astra is almost gone.
Just another beast to wander around.

The voices are echoing, coming from all directions.

These stairs are like forests with platforms.
Every step forward feels denser then the last.

Something is wrong with Astra.
Something is right with Astra.
Closer and Closer the gates seem farther.

Approaching the Gates is like approaching a field of mad dogs, tugging at your sense of self.

Who is Astra When he gets there.
Does he make it there?

The Gates open...
There supposed to remain open.

They Close behind him..


A fractured perception excluding variety only
intuition impervious to clarity
how i yearn to see that extra angle
while you’re sphere is left in shambles (lost and damned)
see stairs up to the heavenly aisle
soar from tree to tree blindly with the perpetual necessity of wanting to learn more and more while squandering time to the door
Take a step on the grass, past the lilacs that laugh
past the silence that saps the life from you and i cause we were born to fly
forged on land in the sky
the fragrance of sage stings the eye
another world inside
the rush blood, the linen in my clothes become frayed and rough
along with the brains of all of us
and we have been betrayed, lies

I observed a mad god disturbed and irked
haunted by astral beings far and far away
as his madness latches to my bones
no reason to set wild imagination roam
I have this girl she’s great, for her and with her i wish to estimate the love of my and my friends and their lovers
must be aboard the path or be left behind
to be taken from this world and lost in time
only to no longer be a part of the daily grind
The road will take its toll on those who will choose to stay or to go instead
the thought of letting go that aches my soul in bed
I reconcile to an apostle reinvisioned in my style
with long hair and shell that reflects my internal hell

The moon it glows and its falling down
And i think that it’s all over, but it’s not
it never ends
Everyone asks why i’m on this ride
pathfinder highways driving by time
and it’s a long way to go
i’ll there in no time at all
open your door now
until I’m inside

it’s just another shady day, it’s okay now
I don’t care, anymore
It’s all over
all over

all over (all over)
its all over (its all over)
its all over (its all over)
yet its not, yet its not

lalalala x4

i tend to think about myself,
cause i get lost in myself
cause i love you and you love me and your a dream too,
im lost, im lost, im lost

I’m Lost


surfacing our love to hold in our hands
as time withers away what we thought could last.


from ASTRON: The Fallen, released August 3, 2017



all rights reserved


Debris of Titan New York, New York

Psychedelic Dream rock/pop/folk duo from Newburgh NY

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